A cost-effective and efficient method for producing macro-porous ceramics

    Project Code: 175
    Currently, macro-porous ceramic structures are made using several methods; these methods have various disadvantages e.g. no pore size control, large pores (3 mm to 11 mm) can’t be made, and expensive high-tech ceramics need to be used. This innovation solves those problems via a method to produce macro-porous ceramic with pre-determined parameters
Project Overview
The invention relates to a method for producing porous ceramic bodies comprising large pore sizes (3 mm to 11 mm) with pre-determined porosity, pre-determined pore connectivity and with three-dimensional network with interconnected pores. It is prepared having a controlled open pore network by producing a three-dimensional polymer network structure, subsequently impregnating said structure in a ceramic slurry to form an intermediate, then drying the intermediate and finally sintering it to obtain the ceramic body. Pore connectivity and/or the bulk properties of the porous ceramic body is controlled via applying a pressure of 3500 to 18000 Nm-2

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