An Intelligent System for Stochastic Facility Layout Design

    Project Code: 218
    This software provides a useful handy/intelligent tool to companies to design their layout during the start-up phase and to improve their existing layout even after in-operation. It helps companies to obtain an optimum facility layout, which in turn will help to improve their productivity and efficiency.
    By UTM
Project Overview

Manufacturing companies especially in Malaysia have been reported to design their layout based on trial-and-error method, according to their gut feeling without using any scientific method. Due to this, their layout are not optimum and they later realized that their work productivity and efficiency are low and this eventually increases their operating cost.

This software is used to design and optimize the arrangement of block layout (process-based layout) in manufacturing companies where material movement cost and productivity are essential. It will generate the best arrangement of departments, machines, or facilities in a company in order to minimize the total material movement cost. It can be used by architects, plant designers and engineers to design and improve their manufacturing plant layout. Potential market will be to license this software to consultancy-based companies or software-development companies which will then sell it to their customers (manufacturing plants).

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