Membrane Technology for Liquid Phases Separation

    Project Code: 145
    This invention presents membrane modules that can be used for the treatment of drinking and wastewater as well as in integrated systems for water recycling. An optimal and tailored solution for every individual application is guaranteed with innovative and customized modules that are available with a multitude of different membrane materials and sizes
Project Overview

Membrane is a barrier, which separates two phases and restricts transport of various chemicals in a selective manner. Membrane usage has increased recently due to the falling of membrane material & manufacturing costs coupled with the increase of water cost as a natural resource. It is normally used for desalination, wastewater treatment, fuel cell vehicle, food and beverage, acid gases removal, etc.

This invention presents a robust and efficient membrane material that can dealt with increasing feed concentration. It is a cost effective membrane system for stable and long terms operation, viable energy saving alternative for separation & purification process and high value factor technology based on the total process. The material developed allows membrane system to be tailored in advanced way to separate other fluid impurities
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