Method For Obtaining Failure Prognostic Information of Electrical Power Transmission

    Project Code: 316
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    By TNBR
Project Overview

The innovation aims to solve a problem associated to the ability to determine the possibility of detecting a transformer failure. Conventional methods largely require manual analysis of a group of parameters or test results by highly skilled and experienced engineer, which can be a time-consuming and daunting task.

Based on best mode of practice, the method of the present invention comprises the core steps of:

1. Allocating pre-determined scores for degradation concerns to various physically monitored conditions (DGA, AWD and CI);

2. Using a secondary chromatic transformation for combining the pre-determined scores to give an overall concern score to determine the progression towards possible failure.

The benefits of the product are as follows:-
-           Able to predict possible of transformer failure.

-           Able to avoid power disruptions

-           Fast react to an emerging threat

-           Patented, efficient & intelligent Chromatic method

-           Better interpretation into root cause of potential failure.

-           In-depth mathematical knowledge is not mandatory.

-           Simple user interface & graphical representation

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