Project Code: 146
    This product presents an affordable and environment friendly solution called Microclear, which capitalises on the use of microorganisms for water treatments. Microclear is effective in removing color and transforming decolourised waste water into simpler and non-hazardous compounds without the use of chemicals.
Project Overview

The threat behind the release of colored effluents is related to the high content of synthetic dyes and their breakdown products that are regarded as toxic, mutagen and/or carcinogenic. Azo dyes which comprises 66% of dyes used in the industries if not properly treated can influence photosynthetic activities of natural aquatic microorganisms and their abilities to treat water bodies. They can be mutagen and or carcinogenic, causing intense damage to human beings, including harming the reproductive system and causing dysfunction to the kidneys, brain, liver, and central nervous system.

This product utilizes locally formulated group of microorganisms capable of removing colour from dyes containing wastewater.

The dye molecules, which are generally considered as non-degradable or difficult organics, are broken down and degraded into smaller and readily degradable molecules for safe discharge of effluent.

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