Microwave Carbonizer for Biochar Production

    Project Code: 264
    Microwave irradiation towards biomass is a new form of heating for biochar production. This type of processing is rapid and credited for various industrial application. This improved heating technology system as stated below: 1. A uniform and cost effective process with various heating rate for any agricultural waste material processing. 2. An innovative method to produce biochar, relatively time saving process to feed the power plant industrial applications. This technology has addressed three critical challenges in terms of biochar production as it processing time, uniformity and time.
    By UMK
Project Overview

This invention is to develop new method of char productions. Conventionally, processing of biomass char was derived in beehive (igloo) with slow combustion process. This invention of microwave, give a better processing time and energy consuming for char production. The char itself contains high energy contents with the potential for power plant coal replacement. Intention to cater the national coal replacement lead the usage of commodity wastes with new microwave technology. Commodity wastes such from oil palms, rubber trees and coconuts were tremendous for this application.

Among the variety of conventional heating, microwave irradiation is recognized to be one of the promising method to produce a quality biochar. A batch processing of biomass in non-oxidative area. In overall the time and temperature will significantly affecting the biomass output.  In addition of this system, batch processing might improve a various type of biomass output.