MiFGRo - microbial feed for ruminant growth

    Project Code: 291
    MiFGro is Microbial Feed for ruminant feed additive, a product made of substances which primarily consists of oil palm by-product and probiotic. There were claims of probiotic in the feeds which in reality were ineffective and non-viable after the pelleting. The current technology may solve the problem and enhance the features of final pelleted feed product. It is also safe to be used for ruminant consumption as well may not harmful to human.
    By Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Project Overview
Microencapsulation technique promotes the concept of a physical barrier that offers better protection to probiotic and its safe delivery to the target, thus effectively protecting the probiotic.

A thermotolerance microcapsule of probiotic using fiber-alginate composite was developed without the need to involve a high temperature throughout the production. This invention is named ‘MiFGro’ which involved encapsulated probiotic supplemented with vegetable fibrous residues or by-products as it nutrients and carrier. MiFGro is Microbial Feed for Growth: additive for animal feed, made of by-product sources of protein for energy plus effective microbes for animal gut’s health. This additive is additional element to improve the pellet nutritive value. We developed a method which producing the feed additive, the method comprising mixing fibres with probiotics, the probiotics being immobilized using a two-stage process; wherein the first stage involves adsorption; and the second stage is being conducted using a chemical encapsulating agent.

This approach introduces a two-step techniques of immobilization. This beneficial step of probiotic immobilization before microencapsulation significantly enhanced microencapsulation efficiency and cell survivability after heat exposure. The step allowed the attachment probiotic to have a strong bonding with the carrier before been processed for the second step of microencapsulation. In addition, the modified step is the novelty and strength of this invention that crucial to be implemented. The solving mechanism emphasized the knowledge of probiotic immobilization process to enhance the probiotic survivality after the process. Combination of two immobilization methods led to enhanced efficiency of encapsulated probiotic.


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