Project Code: 206
    When one loses his or her smart device, the inconvenience is not merely financial but it also incurs inconvenience through loss of productivity, intellectual property through files stored in these devices, data breaches and data loss of contacts. As such, the actual value of the loss of a device is higher than the cost of the device itself. Statistics from Kensington show that up to 70 million smartphones are lost each year (with only 7 percent recovered).
    By MMU
Project Overview
Misplacement of our electronic devices can cause a lot of inconvenience and can be very frustrating as we are heavily dependent on our gadgets in today’s modern era. The inconvenience caused is huge enough to cause the rise of solutions to handle misplacement of devices, specifically smart phones. This solution is a mobile application which is compatible with Android operating systems of smart phones. It leverages on existing Bluetooth technology through pairing of devices between the phone and another device (anchor device). This app not only has a function to track the location of a lost device and to lock it remotely, if necessary, it has the benefits of incorporating preventative functions such as alarm and SMS notification when a certain distance between the paired devices exceeds a safety limit, which can be preset.
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