Mobile in-Car Connected Services (MiCCS)

    Project Code: 248
    Modern hand held devices such as smartphones and tablets have become increasingly powerful in recent years. With emerging technology, there are a lot of applications which allow the passing of real time information and location based services. Hence, applications that falls into this category are the Car Talk Android Application and Car Sharing Android Application.
    By MMU
Project Overview

Car Talk Android Application focuses on connecting and enabling communication between drivers. With the advent of messaging applications for the smartphones, information can be transferred and shared in real time. Besides, it enables the drivers to avoid all kind of unwanted road fatalities.

However, Car Sharing application is very convenient for the users where it helps them to obtain the weather of the current location and notify the traffic status of the current location. This application has also the functions for image capturing of an accident, road closure and construction at the current location.

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