Motion Analysis and Wireless Gesture- and Speech-Based Control

    Project Code: 198
    A motion controller is a unit that generates the motion profile for an input motor (in this case, human body gesture) and communicates through an interface, typically a drive that supplies power to and control of the motor based on calculated inputs from the controller .
Project Overview
Conventionally, robot or machine control is executed using wired or wireless controller and graphical user interface from a computer. However, such interfaces are not flexible enough, time-consuming, and costly when user wants to add more control commands on the controller.

This technology involves an algorithm which can perform motion analysis on the human body by calculating distance, speed and angle up to 90% accuracy. Robotic equipment utilizing this technology can be used in the semiconductor (to avoid contamination when human contact is introduced within the facility), military (for dangerous activities such as bomb diffusing) and medical industries (for surgeries and physical rehabilitation). Motion analysis can be used in learning a new sport or improving on certain strokes through virtual coaching.

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