Multi-radio mesh wireless broadband infrastructure appliance solution

    Project Code: 174
    Broadband connectivity is indispensable in the modern world, and needs be thoroughly embedded in urban and upcoming areas to create smart populations and enhance current infrastructure. This innovation is a multi-radio mesh wireless broadband infrastructure appliance solution for multiprotocol broadband connectivity and sensory system. It is adaptable to wireless communication support for multitude of industries with many settings and purposes, is cost-effective and flexible to cover a variety of requirements
Project Overview
There are 2 varieties of this device; Multi-Mesh (enables hopping of access devices via a best possible path connection thereby providing seamless broadband connection), and Hybrid HSDPA (provides Wi-Fi connectivity using HSDPA mobile coverage.) 
Both devices feature the following:

• Robust design: withstands harsh outdoor or stringent indoor conditions.
• Modular design: backhaul solution of either wired or wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi or HSDPA.
• Long haul at high throughput: maximizes performance at long haul connectivity with the dual-radio bonding.
• Integrated sensor appliance: sensors are either embedded or as a wireless access connectivity of an external sensor appliance.
• Wireless infrastructure for surveillance system: enables CCTV system integration with wireless backbone infrastructure towards a centralized surveillance and monitoring system.

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