myThrob: System-on-Chip based Smart Arrhythmia Screener with Self Interpretation

    Project Code: 265
    This invention presents an advanced artificial intelligence classification algorithm and knowledge-based classification method to classify at least four different types of common arrhythmia, e.g. Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC), Ventricular Fibrillation (VF), Second Degree Heart Block, and Atrial Fibrillation (AF), etc.
    By UTM
Project Overview

myThrob is an in-house design of smart arrhythmia screener with self-classification based on electrocardiograms (ECG) and System-on-Chip (SoC) technology. It is a light-weight, cost effective and equips with intuitive touch screen graphical user interfaces (GUI) design. It able to provide early screening of arrhythmias for the public, especially for the small clinics and general hospital in rural area where the specialists or cardiologists are not sufficient to the population. It help to solves the problem of long queue in hospital and long distance travelling of public community, benefit to the public community health and improve the work effectiveness and efficiency of health care industry.