Neemover – Turning waste plastic bottles into sharps disposal kit

    Project Code: 153
    According to FDA, 7 billon sharps are discarded in the trash every year. Up to 850,000 people are injured every year by sharps that are not discarded properly. Used sharps can cut people, infect them and spread disease. At the same time, 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away every hour. What if there is a single solution to these two global issues? With that in mind, Innopharm has developed a patent-pending bottle cap remover that can turn any plastic bottle into a functional sharps disposal kit.
Project Overview

In Malaysia, there are around 3.6 million people with diabetes. Insulin pen is one of the most common device used among the diabetics. Neemover, a bottle cap sharps disposal kit is aimed to help diabetics with the disposal of their used insulin pen needles. Most of the marketed needle removers are not much different from the conventional method of needle disposal, whereby the users still have to dispose of the needle safely even after removing it.

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