Non-thermal Plasma Device for Ionizing Air

    Project Code: 317
    The present invention ionizes air through a modular and flexible non-thermal plasma device to provide more reactive radicals, enhancing combustion efficiency.
    By TNBR
Project Overview

Based on best mode of practice, the device comprises a ring tube holder with a plurality of electrode retainers. Advantageously, the design of the device is such that changes of the ring tube holder can be done easily without the need to replace the entire device. Due to its unique design, it can also generate higher quantities of ozone, hence achieving better ionizing power than competitors. Higher efficiency can be achieved due to the lower voltage needed to sustain the plasma.

Non-thermal plasma devices are used to ionize gases and generate reactive species and radicals for various applications. The ionization mechanism can be generated via dielectric barrier discharges or other means. These include using electrodes that are exposed to air with a dielectric barrier that is sandwiched between the two electrodes, leaving a gap of about 1-10mm. The ionized gas then reacts with the surfaces of solid fuels, such as (but not limited to) biomass or coal, to modify its surface properties. If the reactant gas is air, then the oxygen content of the solid fuels is increased, increasing the surface reactivity, making it easier to coat with other materials such as (but not limited to) oxygenates (glycerol, etc.) and water proofing chemicals.