Non-Fatigue Led Light Based On 1/F Fluctuation and fractal Theory

    Project Code: 214
    Special lighting circuit of this study provides healing effect by fluctuating lighting intensity based on the 1/f fluctuation, which offers comfortable feeling to the biological rhythm of human being.
    By SME
Project Overview

LED  lights  have  the  advantageous  features  of  much  more  energy-saving  and longer-life lighting capability over the fluorescent lamps. However, white LED lights have  the  disadvantage  of  causing  the  eye  problems  due  to  the  exposer  to  the shorter wavelength spectrum at narrow bandwidth, which is included in the white LED. This technology reduces the exposure to the shorter wavelength spectrum by the 1/f fluctuation of white LED, which also offers a healing effect.

The customer benefits would be non-fatigue effect by low stimulus to photoreceptor cells as well as healing effect based on 1/f fluctuation and fractal theory. The customer could obtain these benefits in various application fields including general/office lighting system, living/bed room lighting system, school/library lighting system, medical lighting system, etc.

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