Novel Anti Adult T-Cell Leukemia Drug From Bornean Red Alga Laurencia Majuscula

    Project Code: 302
    The researchers have found a high bioactive compound that could lead to pharmaceutical compound to create new drug against ATL (Adult T-cell Leukemia
    By Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Project Overview

The current chemotheraphy treatment to ATL are the same as those used to treat other types of T-cell lymphomas, such as CHOP, CHOEP, dose-adjusted EPOCH and hyper-CVAD. Therefore, it is not specific and has serious negative effects. Therefore, this new agenst with small molecules from Bornean Laurencia could be synthesized more readily. Toxicity concern should be low since it is belong and from natural sources or products.

Red algae genus Laurencia are known to produce a wide range of chemically interesting secondary halogenated metabolites. This investigation delves upon extraction, isolation, structural elucidation and antibacterial activity of inherently available secondary metabolites of Laurencia Majuscula Harvey collected from two locations in waters of Sabah, Malaysia.


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