NPK-Organo-Zeolite®: Advanced Controlled Release Fertilizer

    Project Code: 215
    NPK-Organo-Zeolite® is an innovative advanced controlled release fertilizer. NPK-Organo-Zeolite® is a fertilizer contains complete major nutrients (N, P and K) and the release of these nutrients can be controlled. Unlike other fertilizers such as NPK chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizer, compost, urea etc., the nutrients released from NPK-Organo-Zeolite® are much slower and the leaching of nutrients is avoided.
    By UTM
Project Overview

Most of the fertilizers such as chemical fertilizer, urea, organic fertilizer, biocompost etc. have problem with nutrients leaching which can badly affects the environment. Although zeolite has been added to the fertilizers to decrease the nutrients leaching problem, the effectiveness is very low since the available spaces inside the zeolite for retaining those nutrients are not fully occupied. Thus, nutrients from the mixture of zeolite and fertilizer are still released into the environment.

NPK-Organo-Zeolite® could be used as alternative controlled release fertilizer to avoid nutrients leaching into the environment. In the NPK-Organo-Zeolite®, the major plant elements which are N (ammonium), P (phosphate) and K (potassium) ions are loaded in the zeolite that have been modified with cationic surfactant. Raw zeolite can only load with cationic compounds (ammonium or potassium). However, by modification of zeolite with cationic surfactant forming organo-zeolite, it can adsorb and load anionic compound such as phosphate. N, P and K are major elements for plant growth.

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