Oil Palm Grading System (OPGS)

    Project Code: 285
    An automated fruit ripeness grading system which uses computer vision and analysis to grade palm oil fresh fruit bunches according to its ripeness category. It uses a vision system, couple with machine learning algorithm to analyse and sort the fruit bunches according to their categories. The innovation is intended to fill an unmet demand in oil palm industry at lower cost with high consistency and quality.
    By Visi AGRotech
Project Overview
In Malaysia, the palm oil fruit grading is done manually by the labor. It involves a certified tester to take a sample of the fruit bunch and perform visual inspection. However, at a certain time, grading mistakes can be occurred. This is because of the human’s eyes perceive colors differently and this often lead to dispute between graders and sellers. Additionally, the analysis also easily influenced by physiological and environmental factors, inducing subjective and inconsistent evaluation results.

Product Features

Oil Palm Grading System (OPGS) technology couple vision system with machine learning to perform quality inspection to grade fresh fruit bunches. The advantages of using OPGS:

  • Increase fruit assessment speed and accuracy
  • Flexibility to control the grading strictness of the system and adaptable to the fruit bunch physical variations
  • Reduce intensive labours use – cost savings
  • Higher Oil Extraction Rate (OER) due to higher input of quality fruits
  • Increase net profits by 45 % due to increase in operation hours & oil quality
  • Can attain 6sigma standards of quality production in one time that is 99.98% standard

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