Online monitoring system for domestic distribution box

    Project Code: 159
    In the present settings, in the event of a faulty, the whole power supply will be cut off and a user will have to restore it manually. In the case of the user is not in the building where the faulty occurred, the power supply will remain switched off and will contribute to losses especially the food being stored in the refrigerator, a non-functional alarm system which may lead to unwanted break-ins, or risk of death of fishes in aquarium / ponds that require continuous supply of oxygen. This innovative solution will be able to overcome these problems.
Project Overview

The innovation is a system of active monitoring of power supply and fault detector integrated into an apps for easy usage. The implementation of the technology will ensure that there are no interruptions in terms of power supply at any time regardless of  whether the users are in the premises or not.

In the event of a power trip, this innovation will restore the power supply by isolating the faulty MCB and switching ON the RCCB wirelessly through any mobile devices connected to the system.

The innovation will also be able to reduce the risk of damage to the premises, appliances, food, living animals such as fishes due to faulty of appliances that leads to a power loss/cut.

The target market for this innovative solution will basically be the housing developers, frozen food shops, pet shops/boarding facilities, households etc. Frost and Sullivan in a report in 2015 stated that housing development in Malaysia has seen a tremendous growth in the past 4 years despite the economic downtown and reduced citizen’s purchasing power. Most developments are now opting for a smart home system as well as green housing system.

The innovation will be able to provide useful solution to the problems and will be able to be deployed into the market.

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