Optical Encryption Device for Software Protection

    Project Code: 197
    Software protection against piracy is a critical technology required by software providers as the lack of it can substantially affect revenue generation and also reputation. The invention relates to an optical solution to this problem where the hardware encryption key is constructed using an optical device based on light propagation and manipulation.
Project Overview
The present technology is the application of two (2) combined technologies, namely the optical code generation and optical splitting devices. The proposed application utilizes the proprietary optical system to increase the security level of software protection via incorporation into existing systems. The optical system can be packaged as a (USB) dongle to be inserted into laptops or other appliances in order to unlock software functionality or to decode content. Incorporating hardware with software-based protection for protecting against unauthorized use of purchased software is not a novel method. Current dongles attach to the component via an electrical connector to an external port of the appliance. Dongles are programmed with a product key. The present application replaces the electronic system within a dongle with an optical system.

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