A Novel and Secure Method Using Optics for Infrastructure Access

    Project Code: 194
    The invention provides a very secure method of access prevention to a high security access area or equipment. The system consists of an optical device, which generates pre-written optical codes for unlocking a locking device at a restricted area, which can only be accessed by the intended or authorised person.
Project Overview
Optical sensing is a broad field encompassing many applications. One of the possible applications in optical sensor is optical code generation for physical security access application. The application of optical components in physical security systems have been known but none uses the concept of applying a unique arrangement of optical signals from an optical device for code generation. By a simple arrangement of the output optical signal of the optical device, a unique code can be generated for a security access system application. The output optical signals from the optical device are arranged in series which represents a unique and unbreakable code. This code-generating device can be embedded to a portable unit without the need of any active components such as battery or laser diode. The active components are located in the receiver section. 

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