Palm Oil-Based Polyurethane Diaminopropane Montmorillonite Nanocomposite Foam

    Project Code: 294
    This is the first rigid bio-based nanocomposite foam produced in Malaysia, probably in the world too. The foam is made of renewable resource palm oil-based polyol and reinforced with modified earth-friendly montmorillonite nanoclay. The foam possesses higher strength to weight ratio as compared to other conventional materials. The product can withstand the compressive load almost at 130% more than the commercial PU foam.
    By Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Project Overview

Palm oil-based polyurethane/DAP-MMT nanocomposite foam is rigid PU foam that made from renewable resources i.e. palm oil polyol and reinforced with earth-friendly MMT nanoclay. The poyol is reacted with polymeric-1,4-diphenylmethane diisocyanate (p-MDI); one of the safest type diisocyanate due to low flash point, in the presence of distilled water (blowing agent).

The foam has closed-cell structure which is important criteria for good insulator. By reinforcing the foam with modified DAP-MMT has increased the thermal stability and compression strength, even higher than the commercial PU foam available in the market. The use of polyol and filler from natural resources has made this product as one of green material and environmental friendly.

This product is proposed for insulation; for domestic and industrial use. Interestingly, it also has potential to be used for underground pipeline and aircraft due to its good compression strength, thermal stability and yet lightweight.

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