Paperless digital Interactive audit checklist

    Project Code: 164
    Safety audits are a crucial part of any industry. in many scenarios however, audits are still done using paper. Inherent variations and an overall delay in the entire process can potentially cause serious problems. This innovation addresses the problem via a mobile device-enabled paperless digital interactive audit checklist.
Project Overview

The innovation is a paperless digital interactive audit checklist that uses a mobile device or tablet. Audits can be performed directly on the device, using a simple yet comprehensive checklist that is fully customizable based on the user’s requirements. Audits will also include pictures, videos and digital signatures. The application is available on all mobile technology platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows mobile phones and tablets. 
The application comes in two variants:
• Basic – the app is installed as a standalone app and works in offline mode only.
• Advanced – for large organizations with many different types of on-site audit requirements; comes with the tablet and server versions of the app; multiple audit templates can be created from the server app; works both in offline and online environments
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