Polarization and Depolarization Current (PDC) Analyzer for Material Condition Monitoring

    Project Code: 222
    Nowadays, the insulation monitoring is getting important to improve maintenance planning so that it can last for long. Therefore, the need of this system is more crucial rather than wait until the device damage and change with the new one as it will consume a lot of money. Engineers or researchers that work in a material field also need this product as they can test their new and emerging materials to determine the conductivity of such materials.
    By UTM
Project Overview

Due to rapid and advancing changes in insulation material technology, an improvement of the PDC measurement system is required to cope with new and emerging materials. This innovative design included the reduction of high voltage relays from four to one, introduction of a safety feature to protect the electrometer and a LabVIEW software programme to control switching activity and data recording. A user friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) was provided to make the programme user friendly. The concept of the system is based on the on-line measurement of polarization and depolarization currents. 

The importance of high voltage insulating material in the transmission and distribution of electricity makes the potential customer base of this product wide. This gives room for a wide potential market for the product and they include, but not limited to;

• Power utility companies: TNB and IPPs

• Material development companies. The companies that produced new materials for engineering applications.

• Institutions of higher learning.

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