Pinaf Fry-Coat, Multi-Purpose Fiber Flour

    Project Code: 241
    PINAF is raw fiber derived from pineapple waste and it is incorporated as a source of high quality dietary fiber, completely taste and odor free. It is high in insoluble dietary fiber. This multi-purpose frying flour is formulated with specific pre-treatment process to enhance its ability to bind oil while improve the taste and texture of the food.
    By UTM
Project Overview
Pineapple by-product can be use as sources of dietary fiber as it is high in fiber. Nowadays, market for dietary fibre is highly competitive and the new product with healthy properties is necessary. The common source for high dietary fibre were fruit like bananas and apricots. Research on the development of pineapple core powder had been carried out in order to produce multipurpose fiber flour with specific pre-treatment. In this product, pineapple fibre is incorporated into wheat and rice flours, specially formulated as coating for frying food. This flour has specific oil holding capacity from its unique particle sizes hence it has the capability to maintain and minimize the oil adsorption during cooking or frying.

Previous study showed that pineapple by-product contain up to 10% fiber. Out of that, fraction of insoluble dietary fibre is as high as 90%.Therefore it is very reasonable to be an alternative source of dietary fiber supplement. The development of fiber flour open doors to expansion of new healthy flour based product instead of drink and capsule which is quite expansive.

This product utilised a proprietary technological treatment which is applied to the fruit residue to produce the desired dietary fibre functional properties. The specific treatment used for production of the fiber flour was proven to enhance the properties and ability of the flour to absorb oil