Plant Based Hybrid Cosmeceutical Skincare using Nano Technology

    Project Code: 308
    An innovation of skincare product from local available natural/plant ingredient using nanovesicle technology which is environmental friendly material, halal, effective and can be produced with lower cost of manufacturing.
    By Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Project Overview

Based on the intention of improving the existing available products in the market, Malaysian scientists have developed new plant based formulation of cosmeceutical using nanovesicles and nanohedral technology. The end product is not only intended for softening and whitening but also with antiseptic effect. The features of the product are as follows:-

  • Rapid skin rejuvenation with nanovesicles/ nanoemulsion technology
  • Environmental friendly materials, which are non-toxic, biodegradable, harmless to human and environment
  • Usage of the most abundant natural materials as main component and widely available locally
  • The vesicles/ emulsion formed are very unique which can penetrate the skin and can break easily
  • The end product is also Halal

Apart from that, nano technology also is being used for delivery system such as liposomes and niosomes. However, liposomes and niosomes have their advantages and disadvantages such as its cost, easily prepared and the application effectiveness. Therefore as alternative, our local scientists have developed skincare products using nanovesicles technology and our local natural ingredients.

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