Project Code: 271
    PlaxiGUARD P32 is a modular flood control barrier against flash flood. PlaxiGUARD P32 is sturdy yet lightweight, portable and easy to assemble.
    By Johnson & Nicholson (M) Sdn Bhd
Project Overview

The PlaxiFORM is developed to provide a sturdy inflatable platform that can be transformed into either a life raft, walking platform or a floating storage space for personal belongings, safe from water hazards.

PlaxiFORM may help by serving as a life-saving device, floating platform, raft, a walking platform to be used for Disaster Management and lifesaving operations. In flood situation, PlaxiFORM may able to protect goods and small assets of businesses and homes.

PlaxiFORM is designed in such a way that the device maintains stability and structural integrity so that it can be stacked for better buoyancy or lined up to form walking pathways. The innovative structural design of the pillar offer rigidity characteristic and act as valves in securing the air to prevent structural collapse.

Key features of PlaxiFORM:

  • Internal pillar provide support.
  • Stackable to increase buoyancy.
  • Modular connector for easy replacement of the broken section of infrastructures