Pneumatic Actuator Portable Analyzer (P.A.P.A)

    Project Code: 266
    Most of all automation industries especially power plant has experienced various common problems of the pneumatic control valve such as the valve is unable to fully open or close, some issues on partially open or close condition. The idea is to design and develop a Pneumatic Actuator Portable Analyzer that consists of pressure sensor, differential pressure and flow switch. Additional, it uses a variable resistor as replacement for the sensor. This is to create the real environment of the site. The LCD will display the analyzed data as output result.
    By UniKL
Project Overview
  • Analyzing pneumatic valve problem based on the inputs pressure, differential pressure & flow.
  • Display potential root cause of the pneumatic valve problem.
  • Portable pneumatic valve analyzer to suit high effective of maintenance requirement.

Capable to identify the probable potential root cause of common pneumatic valve problem either:

  • Under-performance of pneumatic air pressure.
  • Valve mechanically jammed
  • Poor quality of internal sealed
  • Malfunction of instrumentation’s control parts such as control solenoid
  • As troubleshooting tool for pneumatic valve maintenance team.
  • As education tool for pneumatic valve trainer.
  • As R&D tool for pneumatic valve designer.

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