Portable Nebulizer Backpack

    Project Code: 190
    The product concept is combining a nebulizer and backpack. It is simple and easy to be carried anywhere and can also be used for rescue operation and emergency.
Project Overview

The product has been designed to provide alternative the current product in the market. This new carrying case design eases users to handle and use the nebulizer anywhere. The case is made of fiberglass as main material to prevent rusting and making it more durable and light weight. As compared to available products in the market, this product offers additional storage compartment and ergonomics design.

The whole design also taken the consideration of ease of assembly and disaasembly, so that any maintenance or replacing pasrts such as the back component can be done easily. The prototype was fabricated using fiberglass materials and using manual process. This whole process can easily be automated for mass production.

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