Predicting User Experience From Online Reviews

    Project Code: 148
    What can you know from online reviews? What meaningful conclusions can you derive from your various reviews received on a product or service offering? This product presents a tool that can summarise immense volume of written reviews and derives them into meaningful user experience. It simply helps you to understand your customers better.
Project Overview

This invention presents a predicting model that predicts user experience from online reviews. The state-of-of-the art solution is a fusion of many decades research outcomes of behavioral and computation science. Scientists have discovered that 93% of human behavior is actually predictable. The solution is intelligent enough to reveal the latent semantics encoded in the writings, which were the results of the behaviors (motivation, intention, feeling, perception, etc), as human reflects their behavior through actions. The solution is suitable to process a single or large collection of text to discover any variables related to human behavior, helps making appropriate and impactful decision.

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