Protective Barrier for Deflecting Incoming Wind with Wind’s Energy Generator

    Project Code: 311
    This invention provides a protective barrier for deflecting wind and generates electricity by using a wind blade
    By Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Project Overview

Strong wind not only impact surface of structures on one side, but also all other surfaces of the same structures. Traditionally, trees and scrubs were used as wind barriers to reduce or redirect the strong winds. Those methods are still effective.

Based on the novel design, the researchers have developed this the device with hybrid functions, which is able to deflect strong winds but also could generate electricity. The features of the product are as follows:-

  • Can reduce severe damage
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Low cost of production
  • Ability to withstand windstorm’s forces
  • Ability to generate electricity

This device could be useful to reduce destructive effects of high velocity winds on building structures and promote safe living condition. The design also provides an inventive method of using the wind deflection mechanism method for protection of building structure. In addition, it minimizes the maintenance cost and premium insurance coverage of the building.

In many cases, the pulling forces of wind or in low pressure condition are more critical than the push effect. Since the research on ideal and effective windstorm protection method is rather limited, local researchers have developed a novel design that is able to windstorm’s forces and also capable of generating electricity.







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