Quantum-optical filtering of satellite images for oil and gas field discovery

    Project Code: 063
    In oil and gas exploration, seismic waves are sent deep into the Earth and allowed to bounce back. Geophysicists record the waves to learn about oil and gas reservoirs located beneath Earth’s surface. However, the problem with seismic testing is that (i) it looks at relatively small areas and (ii) are very expensive tests.
Project Overview
The technology is aimed on rapid search of oil and gas fields all over the world.

Potential customers include all petroleum producers (Lukoil, Rosneft, Gazprom, Shell, BP etc.). Companies that have shown interest in this technology include Lukoil, Rosgeology, Ministry of natural resources of Russia, Gazprom, Sinopec, Profireal Group, Ganope, Egyptian Natural gas Holding Company.

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