Realistic Outdoor Augmented Reality Application (RoARA)

    Project Code: 242
    This technology solves outdoor rendering concerns of animators and game makers (Entertainments) by helping building designer to find the best situation of a building (Architecture and civil). It generates realistic Virtual Heritage in any specific location, date and time
    By UTM
Project Overview

Outdoor Augmented Reality (AR) is a challenging research field where off-the-self mobile devices are used for registering 3D graphics within unconstrained outdoor environments. Despite all modern technologies, which provide photorealistic models on stereoscopic monitors and screens, it is still noticeable barrier among virtual objects and buildings in real environment.

Many companies are working on animations and currently on mixed environments including virtual and real environments. To create a minute animation needs 5 days of an expert while RoARA can create a minute animation in a minute. This product is considered effect of sky color and shadows for virtual objects in real environments. This product can be used as a Plug-in for 3D modeling software such as Maya, Autocad, and 3D Studio Max. By specifying date, time and location, users can see effect of the sky on virtual objects in AR system creating a realistic AR system.

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