ReDICO: Wood Polymer Composite

    Project Code: 256
    Eco Structure Recycled Diapers Composites (ReDiCo) as generally known as Wood polymer composites (WPCs). This is a group of innovative materials compounded mainly from recycled and renewable resources namely as waste Polypropylene (PP) originated from abundance and recycled un-used rejected diapers and wood waste. Collecting and recycling process of the pelletizing compounding ingredient and manufacturing process is improving people’s life from the toxic gaseous from direct burning of plastic waste activities around the globe. This innovation provides a comprehensive solution to the problems faced upon using the conventional method.
    By UTHM
Project Overview

Data of wood waste arising’s and recycling rates are difficult to obtain. Wood waste can be economically utilized to generate energy, produce new product or will be disposed. Another alternative is utilizing the wood waste as reinforcement materials to produce a wood waste composite with promising potential.

By means of summarizing recent research, it is shown how WPC can potentially contribute to an enhanced cascading utilization. For the production of WPC, waste materials and by-products from wood and agricultural industry, e.g. offcuts, sawdust, residues from board manufacturing, pulping sludge, can serve as a raw material.

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