Regenerative braking system for wind turbine generators

    Project Code: 161
    Wind turbine is one of the electricity producing methods widely used worldwide particularly in countries with strong winds. The wind is use to move the blades of the turbine which will then help to generate electricity. However, in the existing wind turbine, there is no braking system attached and it poses a risk of damage upon subjected to extra-ordinary strong wind. This innovation incorporates a braking system that will be able to control the speed of the blades.
Project Overview

In the normal small scale wind turbine system, there is no braking mechanism attached to it and upon subjected to high speed wind, the wind turbine may become damage and it also poses a safety issue to anyone standing near to it. Also, in the existing system, the voltage produced is dependant on the wind speed and therefore it will fluctuate.

On the other hand, this innovative system integrates a braking mechanism to the existing wind turbine (retrofitable) and is able to regulate the voltage produced and maintain a stable voltage across the batteries regardless of the wind speed. By using the regenerative braking system, the excess energy generated during high velocity winds will be absorbed by the dumping loads as to slow down the generator to a much safer level without having to completely stall the generator. The wind generator rotation will be automatically slowed down when the loads increased.

Due to its retrofitable feature, this innovative system has the potential to become an add-value feature to the existing small scale wind turbine generator worldwide particularly in countries like Netherlands, Japan, Korea and even in Malaysia.

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