System To Remove Heavy & Toxic Metals In Green Mussels

    Project Code: 138
    This innovation, Molluscure, is the first ever system invented in Malaysia which utilizes sustainable chemistry concept that can reduce heavy metal content in Green Mussel effectively. This system is fast, cost effective and convenient to use. It significantly reduces the heavy metals content in mussel in compliance to guidelines of maximum permissible limits of heavy metals (µg/g) in seafood.
Project Overview

Heavy metals occur naturally in the marine environment but during the last decade, anthropogenic activities have increased the natural flux of these elements to levels that are hazardous for marine ecosystems. Their inputs include urban run-off, industrial effluents, anti-fouling paints for boats, mining operations and atmospheric depositions, and are in either particulate or dissolved form. Although many elements are essential in small quantities, they can be toxic to organisms, above certain threshold concentrations.


As intertidal filter feeders, mussels accumulate heavy metals in their tissues in proportion to the degree of environmental contamination. Thus, heavy metal concentration in tissues raises public health concerns because, whether cultivated or wild, they are consumed as seafood.  Producers are unable to expand their export market due to strict health regulation imposed. Therefore an efficient, cost effective and convenient method of reducing the level of harmful residue in mussel is needed.

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