Cost effective, in situ environmental sensors for real-time feedback

    Project Code: 173
    The conventional method of monitoring and feedback is taking measurements at preset times and locations, followed by analysis and report generation. The disadvantages of this method are process delays and human error. This innovation solves those problems via continuous in situ monitoring of the environment, and real-time wireless communication of collected data
Project Overview
The sensors are comprised of three types of sensor elements, provide a unified readout, and employ either a short-range wired or wireless transceiver. The sensor elements are encased in three different form factors (universal, insertion and pipe) to suit various specific applications.

The sensors also feature the following:
• Robust construction for outdoor usage – can withstand harsh outdoor environmental conditions. Meets IP65 standard.
• Real-time measurement – in-situ, real-time measurement with remote monitoring capabilities via its comprehensive sensor management system
• Wireless communications – sensor information is transmitted via wireless communication via proprietary wireless transceiver, extension routers, and a wireless gateway.

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