Smart Home Ambient Assisted Living (SHAAL)

    Project Code: 130
    This invention presents Smart Ambience Assisted Living System specifically designed to fulfil the needs for quality and independent living for elderly. It provides online monitoring which can support the every day activities of the needy and elderly people
Project Overview

About 20% of the world’s population will be aged 60 or above by 2050. In the US alone, about 80% of those over 65 years are living with at least one chronic disease. Caregivers are expected to rise from 25% to 53% by 2060 in Europe only. In Malaysia more than 9% of the population will be aged more than 60 years (3.2 million). Existing smart home system does not cater for the elderly. The is a strong demand for the use of instruments, apparatus, appliances, material and software to assist elderly (people aged above 65), and those who are physically and cognitively impaired to fulfilling their daily activities towards quality independent living. A smart system is needed to:

       Monitor and support every day activities of needy and elderly people,

       Provide continual assessment of health of disabled and elderly people

       Improve surveillance, management and control of home appliances.

       Provide instant notification.

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