Slip-On Sprocket

    Project Code: 267
    A sprocket or sprocket-wheel is a profiled wheel with teeth, cogs, or even sprockets that mesh with a chain, track or other perforated or indented material. The name 'sprocket' applies generally to any wheel upon which radial projections engage a chain passing over it. In rural area motorcycles require higher torque to carry heavy payloads especially during harvesting season Therefore, higher torque requires a larger sprocket diameter size and varies in price. Thus, process of changing sprocket consumes time and energy.
    By UTP
Project Overview

Sprockets are used in bicycles, motorcycles, cars, tracked vehicles, and other machinery either to transmit rotary motion between two shafts where gears are unsuitable or to impart linear motion to a track, tape etc.

Perhaps the most common form of sprocket may be found in the bicycle, in which the pedal shaft carries a large sprocket-wheel, which drives a chain, which, in turn, drives a small sprocket on the axle of the rear wheel. Early automobiles were also largely driven by sprocket and chain mechanism, a practice largely copied from bicycles.

Therefore, Slip-On Sprocket proven that it increases motorcycle torque. Other than that, Slip-On Sprocket eliminates need for assembly & disassembly. Thus, produced via Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping.

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