Smart Battery Analytics System and Testing Service (BATS)

    Project Code: 315
    This innovation provides effective battery banks asset management, by solving issues related to the reliability of battery in cost effective manner. It also enables the digitized deployment of trend analysis of battery test data.
    By TNBR
Project Overview

BATS have its own significance in the area of managing batteries, offers an automated; battery life management with corrective actions to improve battery life and to optimise the battery usage within a predetermined period of time.  The novelties are on the method of predicting and analysing battery remaining life and replacement requirement; more particularly to the decision-making feature; automated data collection and compatibility with various platforms. The benefits of the product are as follows:- 

•           Analytics Algorithms that calculates

•           Next testing schedule.

•           Remaining battery life (year).

•           Replacement justification.

•           Reduce capital expenditure cost.

•           Optimize battery capacity testing cost.

•           Digitized in cloud storage, easy retrieval when required.

The products can be applied in various application such as :-

1. Power Utility Company

2. Large Power Customer

3. Data Centers

4. Hospitals

5. Power Plants

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