Self-lifted stand for motorcycle safety (SMARTS)

    Project Code: 163
    The conventional motorcycle stand is operated manually and in most circumstances, motorcyclists forget to lift-up their motorcycle stand. This will lead and expose them to the risk of accident where the stand will get stuck and forcing them to fall. This innovative design of motorcycle stand will eliminate the risk associated when a motorcyclist forgets to lift up the stand, exposing them to the risk of falling off.
Project Overview

The innovation is a simple and direct solution for the problem faced by most motorcyclists especially in this part of the world. Carelessness could cost them their lives and it will be due to a simple thing which is the motorcycle stand.

The market for this innovation will not just cover the local market but also international market mainly in the region: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines etc.Frost & Sullivan in a market insight reported that the market for motorcycles and motorcycle’s accessories in South East Asia have recorded phenomenal sales growth with Vietnam leading the market, followed by Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki remained the major players of the motorcycles market. In Malaysia, it is reported that the local motorcycle producer, Modenas is growing extensively with their local market share is growing and will be able to compete that of the Japanese brands in the next couple of years.

The innovative product will offer an easy market deployment and penetration.

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