Soft Wearable Finger Exoskeleton System for Finger Rehabilitation (SOFT-EXOS)

    Project Code: 221
    • SOFT-EXOS provide rehabilitation exercise according to patient's severe disability • Interactive games are integrated in SOFT-EXOS to motivate patient • SOFT-EXOS will restore patient's activity after rehabilitation session to ease physiotherapist to examine their progress
    By UTM
Project Overview

Physical injuries, diseases such as stroke, overuse syndromes and neurological damages are the factors contributing to hand disabilities.  According to National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM)’s website, stroke is the third largest cause of death in Malaysia. Nearly 40,000 people in Malaysia suffer from stroke every year. Early and continuous physical rehabilitation for improving hand function by performing repetitive task practice; which include range of motion, strength, and accuracy exercises are extremely important for brain to relearn skills that are lost much faster. Due to increase number of disability cases, it is now becoming a burden to physiotherapists to support post stroke survivors.

•           The user can only get rehabilitation in hospital for a short length of stay and they have to pay to get further rehabilitation treatment.

•   The in-hospital rehabilitation appointment is not daily which has contributed to delayed rehabilitation.

•  Providing short duration for in-hospital rehabilitation, users are less motivated to attend the rehabilitation by themselves with extra cost.

•  The intervention practiced in the rehab center was said to reduce their motivation in performing the exercise because it makes them to feel like little kids.

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