Project Code: 200
    This technology is for patients who need to undergo spinal fusion surgery as a result of adolescent idiophatic scoliosis, degenerative conditions such as spondylosis and spondylolisthesis, acute low back pain and chronic low back pain. It’s preferable as an alternative treatment due to cost effectiveness, shorter time of operation and it is also shown to be a less invasive procedure.
Project Overview
The invention is a combination of calcium phosphate granules that have been optimally seeded with osteogenically induced (to differentiate as bone cells) bone marrow derived stem cell coupled with a temporary internal fixation for implant stabilization & alignment for posterolateral spinal fusion.

This system is fully autologous-incorporated which means the cell (BMSC) source, and the matrix carrier used (fibrin) are from the patient himself. By constructing the autologous engineered bone, patients will only be receiving their own tissue. This affects three important factors: lowering of cost, shortening of operating time and also reduction on extent of invasiveness.

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