Herbal & Phytochemical Processing Services - Spray & Freeze Dryer

    Project Code: 131
    This opportunity offers related industries a service on drying process. Processing is required due to most of fresh materials are perishable and have limited shelf life. Drying is one of the effective and convenient solutions to prolong the shelf life and retain the benefits from these materials
Project Overview

Spray drying and freeze-drying are two of the most widely used industrial process for particle formation and drying. It is well suited for continuous production of dry solids in powder, granulate or agglomerate form from a liquid feed. Both drying methods are ideal when the end-product must comply to exact quality standards including properties such as: particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle morphology. Advantages of these processes:

·         Preserve active phytochemical ingredients

·         Concentrate the active phytochemical ingredients

·         Covert the raw material into the most convenient form

·         Remove the unwanted materials

·         Adding economic value to herbs

·         To obtain pure phytochemical 

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