Spring Flexible Post

    Project Code: 185
    This product is developed to provide as road indicators (day and night) and dividers to all road users. Its flexibility feature helps to reduce maintenance cost and prolong its life span.
Project Overview

This Flexible Delineator Post was developed with the intention to prolong its life span, easily installed and cost effective. The product can be used nationwide for the roads maintained by JKR and local authorities.

The product specifications are as follows:-

·         Overall Height: 480mm

·         Spring Height: 150mm

·         Base Height: 100mm

·         Reflective Tape Type: High Intensity

This usage of the product can be expanded to nationwide and regionally as part of the road furniture or road accessories. When this delineator posts were hit by the vehicles normally they were damaged and required to be replaced. Realizing the never-ending problem of damaged delineator posts, JKR technicians have come up with a solution to ensure those delineator posts will last longer.

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