Project Code: 298
    This invention is to focus on natural cosmeceutical segments that has high demand, but is less stringently regulated compared to pharmaceutical segment. It is suitable not only for cosmeceutical skin care products but also can be used for pharmaceutical intention. The highlight of this product is to repair the skin, thus the product market will focus on people with skin problems.
    By Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Project Overview

This invention is a skin barrier cream which comprising standardized Ficus Deltoidea extract and specially formulated to meet the unique needs of skin which has the ability to help repair and heal skin barrier through a unique mode of action different from other medications and eczema treatments.

The standardized Ficus Deltoidea extract is a natural ingredient from local botanical plant of Malaysia is incorporated in stable formulation that promote better properties for skin protective agent. The product formulation itself attempt to provide a complete nutrient for the skin cells. The existing competitors for this invention is the conventional anti-inflammatory cream such as corticosteroid cream. Until currently, no local manufactures had sell the similar products.

Features & Specifications :

This product contains standardized Ficus Deltoidea extract and ingredients that are used not only for building new cell stratum, but also regulates the local immune reactions. The principle of this invention is taking care of stratum corneum, which is the layer of the skin by protecting it and controlling damages in time. The strategy of this invention is based on protection and restoration of the barrier, may help not only to reduce symptoms of skin dryness, redness and irritation, but also to lower the frequency of allergic reactions and improve the skin health as a whole. This product uses the food-grade ingredients which is purely derived from vitamin enriched, high anti-oxidant and functional botanicals that genuinely feed the skin with natural nutrient.



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