Super Patch: Road Patching Material

    Project Code: 193
    This product provides an alternative solution to the existing products in the market to rectify the problem of potholes. The products uses recycle asphalt materials which are cost effective, environmental friendly and reliable.
Project Overview

The product developed by JKR technician is using recycle materials that is known as Recycle Asphalt Pavement (RAP). Even with the usage of recycle material, this product offers superior features. The advantages are as follows:-

·         Reduction in road maintenance cost

·         Capable of mixing on site

·         Can be stored as Cold Mix Asphalt

·         Less usage of oil

·         Reduction of time on application on potholes and time to cure

·         Environmentally friendly

The material being used has been tested by Government certified lab and has conform to the standard and quality required.

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