The revolution of edible bird's nest

    Project Code: 276
    The main concept for EasyNest is as a new technology using In-Situ Mobilization to prepare the bird’s nest that high in nutritional value, make available of its active compounds to be released instantly during preparation. This make the bird’s nest out from the conventional way that need to take few hours to cook and prepare. We have invented a food grade, nutritional and ready to consume bird’s nest.
    By Glyco Food Sdn Bhd
Project Overview

The Edible Bird’s nest (EBN) is derived from swiftlet’s sublingual gland secretion during breeding season. EBN has been a renowned heritage delicacy for many generations since the early Chinese dynasties. EBN is known to be nutritious and contains active compounds which has functions of maintaining youthfulness, strengthen ‘Chi’, enhance immune system, anti-aging, anti-viral and anti-cancer. However, cooking EBN requires long hours of soaking, cleaning and boiling in order to dissolve the glycoproteins or to release the active compounds such as sialic acid. It is also difficult to control the time of bird’s nest cooking, which may result in loss of nutritional value due to overcooked of bird’s nest. Under-cooked bird’s nest will reduce the glycoprotein digestion and absorption by human’s body. EasyNest is a nutritional and convenient bird’s nest using patented technology (In Situ Mobilization) to make glycoproteins in the bird’s nest easily to release and absorb by human intestinal tract.

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