Time Resolved 2D Concentration and Temperature Measurement Using Ct Tunable Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

    Project Code: 213
    The technique is based on a CT (Computed Tomography) method using absorption spectra of molecules such as H2O, NH3 and CH4. The CT Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) method using multi-path(i.e. 32) laser beams can be applied to measure 2D temperature, NH3 and CH4 distributions in engine, gas turbines, boilers, reactors, and CVDs.
    By SME
Project Overview

In particular, measurement techniques for the parameters such as temperature and species concentration are necessary to elucidate the system performances. In engines, for example, in-cylinder and exhaust gas concentration and temperature distributions are important factors. They are also the catalytically important parameters in both gasoline and diesel engines. CT TDLAS enables real-time 2D temperature and species concentration measurements with kHz response time in various industrial processes including engines, reactors, and CVDs.

This technology is applicable in the following industries:

A) Automotive and Aerospace

  • Engines (In-cylinder and exhaust temperature concentration measurement) 

B) Thermal power plant, Chemical Plant, and Iron and Steel processes

  • Boilers and Gas Turbines (temperature concentration measurement)
  • Furnaces (temperature concentration measurement)
  • Reactors (temperature concentration measurement)

C) Semi-conductor processes

  • CVD Processes (temperature concentration measurement)


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