Ultra-Compact Hyperspectral Camera for Smartphone and UAV

    Project Code: 211
    These highly-portable apparatus can be applied to many fields such as • Healthcare sensors like the non-invasive blood glucose sensor, • Medical sensors like smart toilet, • Environmental sensors mounted on drone • Sensors in the field of cosmetic fields • Connecting the compact size hyperspectral camera to smartphones for IoT applications
    By SME
Project Overview

The technology comprises a video camera, software algorithm and the hyperspectral camera unit with basic analysis software. Its specifications are:

  • Operate in the visible light region (0.4µm-0.9µm), near-infrared region (0.9µm-2µm) and mid-infrared region (8µm-14µm)
  • Palm-size for the two-dimensional model (high sensitivity) and finger-size for the one-shot model (high resolution)
  • Able to obtain 60 spectra in 1 sec using a camera running at 60 fps
  • Accuracy can be improved using temporal averaging

For evaluation of the accuracy, we measured extremely low glucose concentrations that correspond to human blood-sugar level. We used 4 kinds of glucose water solution (concentration range:  50 mg/dl 200 mg/dl).

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